Christmas treats…and some red lippy for me! Oops!

I braved the high street yesterday, bustled through the stressed crowds to finish off my Christmas shopping.  It never ceases to amaze me how crazed people seem to get at this time of year, people push and shove, grab at items in the shop.. it can be like Armageddon out there.

Anyway, despite this.. I do adore shopping (when I have the money to do so, that is) I never tire of looking at clothes and thinking how I “just don’t have any clothes” and really need to get that dress because I could dress it up AND down… ha! I always seem to have to justify my spending my money on myself in that way.  I did, however, hold back and really enjoyed finding gifts for my family and friends that I hope they delight in.  I love seeing people open their gifts and be pleased with what they have received.  That, for me is the best part of Christmas, seeing people happy.  I can just see it now how excited my niece and nephew will be at the prospect of opening the gifts that “Santa” has squeezed down the chimney to leave for them…

So while on my Christmas shopping experience I thought I may just treat myself too (eeek!).  I have been after a red lipstick for ages and since there were offers in House of Fraser, I bit the bullet and went to the Bobbi Brown counter for some advice – Red is the festive colour, so it was clealry a must *ahem*.  I am blonde, blue eyed and fairly pale, tend to focus on my eyes with eyeliner, lashings of mascara and opt for a pale pink gloss or lip balm.  Crossing the territory to red lipstick felt daunting… I felt I couldn’t just choose any.  The make-up assistant seemed so pleased to introduce me to array of reds that would suit my skin tone (apparently there are blue tones, pink tones…) so there I sat with that harsh department store lighting beaming upon me and she applied ‘Red Carpet’ (1st picture) – a rich bright red.  It looked wonderful, a bit of a shock at first but I really liked it.  Totally changed my look.  It was fairly bright and so as a more subtle option she tried a slighty darker lipstick, ‘Burnt Red‘ (2nd picture), this time with a gloss on top.  Perfect. The gloss worked really well with both lipsticks as it obviously wasn’t as matt then.  So…I HIGHLY recommend going to a Bobbi Brown counter and having them try out different colours on you.  A bit of a splurge but hey ho… at least the lips will look good! When I wear it I will post a picture!



I have always looked at Marilyn Monroe, Scarlett Johansonn and the gorgeous Gwen Stefani and thought how they rocked that look and never thought I could.  So.. I thought I would share with you the lipsticks that worked on me (I may just save up for the other one now!)


Now to work out how not to get it on my teeth…that would SO ruin the look!

Have a great Friday everyone xx


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