A little reflection on the simple things in life…

And so, another Sunday evening beckons.. After a full day of studying, the homemade lasagne is cooking in the oven, I am sharing a bottle of gorgeous red wine with my fiance while he works on his photography, the hound by my feet and the cats are snoozing.  I am happy.

These are the simple things life, but the things that make the everyday special.  I am in love, have a healthy and happy family and friends, a roof over our heads, an income, a future ahead of us.  I enjoy materialistic things, I won’t lie – I love shopping, fashion, creating a beautiful home… but really, what means the most to me is my family and close friends.  Without love, where are do we stand?  I feel so lucky that I am fortunate enough to have everything that I do.  At the end of the day, we get one chance at living our lives.  We should never take for granted what we have, say you love your partner when you want to, tell your parents you love them,your children how proud you are of them, remember to always say please and thank you.  The next time you walk past someone, smile and say “morning/afternoon/evening”, help that person who is struggling to carry all those bags, ask that lonely old lady across the street how she is…life is sacred and it is easy to get so consumed with the little worries and stresses that appear to dominate our lives.  A simple smile can make somebody’s day.

Next time I find myself feeling worried or blowing something out of proportion, I will try to remember that in the grand scale of things, that it probably is not  really worth it.  Laugh, smile, embrace love, take risks (not outlandish ones, obviously), feel alive, do not let life pass you by. You never know when you are going to go.

As the beautiful Marilyn Monroe once said (below is my all time favourite picture of her) :

“”This life is what you make it. No matter what you are gonna mess up sometimes, it’s a universal truth. The good part is you get to decide how you are gonna mess it up. Keep your head high, chin up & keep smiling coz life’s a beautiful thing & there’s so much to smile about”

Have a great evening x


5 thoughts on “A little reflection on the simple things in life…

  1. Beautiful post. You are so right. While I love pretty things and I do miss the money I was making when I was working, I can;t put a price on what we have now. It took a complete physical and emotional breakdown (which saw me in hospital for three months and then two years on bed rest) to get there but our life is amazing now. Our girls are homeschooled (3 gifted, one with anxiety issues that led to an eating disorder at 9yo) and I am at home with them full time and my husband works from home. We spend our days together, we experience everything together and we have all never been happier or healthier. We don’t have the fancy toys, we don’t have a mcmansion or a car (we love our push bikes and our little suburb has everything we need including public transport) but we have each other. Our kids have blossomed in the last two years away from the pressure of school and are loving learning. and I am learning all the things I missed out on in school. My husband has gone from being totally blocked (as a writer) to having it all come flooding back. Life is good.

    And I am so glad life is good for you too *mwah*

  2. Awh thank you 🙂

    I am sorry to hear that you have been through so much, how are you now? Sometimes life throws extremely difficult situations at us and can make life seem so dark, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel albeit at times a very long tunnel. I do think that when you go through dark times and come through it, you realise how good life can be because you have something to compare it too. Maybe it is life’s way of teaching us lessons, valuing life and those around us. I have had a time of losing friendships lately as those friends felt that my being happy changed our friendship. Some people prefer others to be miserable – a strange way to be since when friends and family are happy, it only makes me happy for them. Having the support of both you and your husband and your experiences individually and as a couple, will only benefit your children in the long run. They, if they have not done so already will value the things in life that mean the most, being happy and healthy and embracing life in every way possible. Good for you x

    • Things are better now – different, but better. At first I figured I would get “better” and go back to the life I had before (working 100+ hours a week and never being home). But the longer I stayed at home the less desire I had to be any where else. I always knew my kids were awesome, but I was too busy working to buy all the “stuff” to spend much time with them. I discovered who my real friends were and I realised, scarily, I had no interests of my own before work. Learning to relax and take life easy was super hard at first, but now life is so mellow I can’t imagine every signing up to go back to it all. Again the universe gives you what you need – I was working my way to an early grave as well as not having any relationship with my girls. I had to stop everything to realise what really mattered.

      • I think the human body is amazing – it lets us know when we need to slow down and re-evaluate things. You can’t spend your life pushing yourself so hard that it makes you ill. It sounds like you have found the real meaning of life, you have to follow your heart and your gut instincts and trust in it. Things always work out and like my dear Nan used to say “It’ll all come out in the wash” – life is too short to spend it unhappy, taking scary risks and biting the bullet to do something to change your life is often the hardest part, it always gets easier from there. Good for you 🙂

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