Fiesta, Fiesta!!


Ok, not quite a fiesta but a reason to celebrate! My darling fiance has been away for the past few days and I have missed him so much and is due back late tonight, SO as we are fans of Mexican food I am going to use my Mexican cook book, “Wahaca: Mexican Food At Home!” that Ipurchased a few months ago and actually use a recipe from it this weekend…it would be rude not to try out the range of Margharita’s too…look at these!!



I do make, if I don’t mind saying so myself, a very good guacomole and¬†salsa and we usually have tacos but I am thinking of doing slightly different, maybe this recipie “Sweet Potator Gratin with Tyme, Chilli & Feta” – YUM! with “Grilled sea bass a la pimienta”… with a side of the guacomole! I am not sure how this will turn out and it may be that we end up having the tacos as they are a tried and tested method BUT I think it will be worth going for it!


I will let you know how it all goes…if I don’t have a sore head after all those Margharita’s that is…. eeek!

If anyone knows of any fabulosa mexicano food, I would love to hear about them!

Anyways, I am off to continue with some reading…

Have a great day everyone x


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