So, I was thinking…


Evening everyone..

So, I have been toying with the idea of making my own vintage inspired jewellery for a while now and think I am going to go for it! With a few words and tips from a friend I am feeling all excited and raring to go – this is one of my traits, I get so enthusiastic about an idea that I feel instantly compelled to go and get on with it, which can be somewhat frustrating when this happens before bedtime, especially for Daniel!! But alas, I will need to find some trinkets and have a peek on YouTube for some tutorials!  Hoping to be able to sell some of the items that I make on my website, so fingers crossed it goes well.  I would love to create something similar to these necklaces – I love the quirky, fun aspect of these but will want to try and create something unique…


I have been wanting to do something creative for a while now, so now I can get my creative juices flowing (that always sounds such a odd phrase) and get creating!  

Also, I am looking forward to seeing my mum soon as she is going to delve into boxes to find me a selection of genuine vintage jewellery items from my Nan! She was quite the stylish lady, even when she was 84! She never had a grey hair – always blonde and pin curled, make-up on, pressed powder and a tube of pillar box red lippy in her purse and always immaculately dressed!! I like to think that I will be that stylish when I am a Nan one day! I never realised at the time but I recall my other Nan having wardrobes full of clothing from the 50’s – 70’s, Nan and Grandad even had G-Plan furtniture which at the time I considered “old-fashioned”!! To think that all of that is long gone now is sad but you live, you learn! It is just an excuse to go and find some great secone-hand furniture to do up and give a new lease of life too! 

I will keep you posted on how it is all going! Eeeeep!!!!! 

Anyways, I am so it is now time for me to catch the night train to dreamland, sweet dreams everyone x


2 thoughts on “So, I was thinking…

  1. Good luck with it! Sending you lots of creative vibes and looking forward to seeing what happens. I am a sucker for vintage sweater clips and brooches as well as modern, quirky, re purposed ones.

    • Hello!! Thank you so much for your commment, very kind of you and my 1st ever comment on a blog 🙂 I look forwrd to sharing my ideas with you and with what I come up with! It is good to hear what kind of jewellery people like. Have a great and hopefully not rainy day, like it is here!

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