Hello Everyone!

Good morning everyone!

So it is Tuesday morning and I have a full day planned of studying, yoga, dog walking, texting my gorgeous fiance, going to a lecture and of course, blogging!

I’m Natalie and have recently moved to Gloucestershire with my fiance, Daniel along with our dog, Tanner and 2 cats, Zara and Skye!

We moved from Essex to start a new life in Gloucestershire and found ourselves an adorable period home in the centre of town in a charming road. It has been hard work and tiring but I feel we are both really embracing our new life here. We are getting married (eeeeep!!!) in 2014 and are planning a beautiful intimate wedding surrounded by our closest family and friends! You will, no doubt, be hearing a LOT about that!!

Part of our reason to move to the Cotswolds was that we are both doing degree’s and are ‘mature students’! Wow, ‘mature’ makes me sound old… My fiance is studying Photojournalism & Documentary Photography and I have recently started a Masters by research in Journalism. I am so happy to be doing this degree, I get to spend the next 18 months studying subjects I love – journalism, magazines, lifestyle, vintage, fashion, culture, femininity and feminism. I even get to produce my own magazine for an established vintage lingerie brand. Will tell you more when I get around to it! My dream is to one day work as a freelance journalist for a women’s magazine be it online or in print…. My other “job” is my vintage accessories website, A Touch of Vintage, whereby I sell a range of bridal and non bridal accessories (you can have a peek if you like, http://www.atouchofvintageonline.co.uk). I have only just launched it and it is taking a while to get going but I have high hopes that one day it will be successful and I will have my own little vintage boutique in the lanes in Brighton while continuing my freelance journalism work (that’s the plan for now anyway). It was daunting leaving my full time job where I worked as a PA at my parents accountancy firm but I am so pleased I took the plunge and went for it. I do miss seeing my family everyday but now I get to spend quality time with them instead.

I wanted to start a blog that was just a means of me sharing my thoughts with you of my daily life.. sharing photographs, giggles, recipies I have tried, places I have been, articles and books I have read and a whole array of various other subjects.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog in my little corner of the world wide web…

Have a gorgeous day xx


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